Video Essay on Dear Esther

        Since high school I have been pursuing game design analysis in my spare time, so I started the website, Critical Hit!, to force myself to read more on game design theory and to formulate more educated opinions about the games I enjoy.  After writing for a number of years, I forayed into video essays, since I believed the format would suit game design analysis better (in addition to wanting more video editing experience).


The Death of Intellectualism in Dear Esther

        An analysis of the narrator's struggles with the idea of technological progress and the failure of various pursuits of knowledge.  Featured as suggested readings on the course webpage for a "Narrative in Technology" class at the University of Pittsburgh.

Native Representations in Games

        A look at the history of the representation of the Indigenous peoples of North America in video games, following the release of the Inupiaq game, Never Alone.

The Narrator as a Christ-figure in Dear Esther

        An analysis of biblical references in Dear Esther.  The second of my two articles featured as suggested reading on the University of Pittsburgh's "Narrative in Technology course" webpage.

Atmosphere in Metro: Last Light

        An analysis of how Metro: Last Light uses environment design and non-player characters to deliver a story with a focus on the post-apocalyptic world and the lives of the average people inhabiting it.