Singularity 6

Palia is a cozy life-sim MMO where players can gather materials, build and decorate their home, farm, cook food, befriend villagers, or just relax and chat with friends!  As a Systems Designer on Palia, I own the game's social and cosmetic features.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

Jam City

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is a F2P episodic, narrative mobile game with RPG elements.  I started as a Content Designer, creating narrative content for weekly releases. Through my work optimizing the team's workflow and scope management processes, I was promoted to Lead Content Designer, responsible for managing the team of 12 associate to mid-level Content Designers and planning the execution of content.  After formalizing processes for managing the team, I was able to delegate more work to a couple of the more senior designers on the team, which allowed me to naturally transition to a Systems Design role.

As a Systems Designer, I owned many of the game's biggest feature updates including First Person Spellcasting mode and Creature Activities.  I pitched solutions and improvements to problems identified by myself or the Product team, and drove feature development from concept to release.

F84 Games


F84 Games is an independent game studio that produces a mix of contracted and in-house games.  At F84, I interned under the Lead Game Designer gaining experience in a variety of disciplines across many different projects.  My primary work was designing levels from concept to release on two contract productions as well as for DLC on Tootsie Pop.