F84 Games

Tools: Proprietary Engine, Unity, Haxe, C#, Tiled, SVN, SourceTree, Photoshop
Platforms: Android/iOS, Web, PC
Role: Game Design Intern


Scooby Doo: Haunted House
Rogue-lite / 2D Platformer | Web

Level Design: sketched and revised over a dozen rooms on paper, blocked out the lead designer's sketches as well as my own, implemented art, refined level designs and tuning

Programming: AI behavior, bug fixes


Red Sonja (Unreleased)
Hack 'n Slash / 2D Platformer | PC

Combat design: planned enemy types, planned enemy attacks, specced out necessary art/animation assets

Level design: blocked out levels based on both the lead designer's sketches and my own, coordinated with lead designer to ensure level designs meshed well with the story and that the atmosphere matched the original creator's vision of the world

Programming: Collaborated with the sound designer on a dynamic background music system


Tootsie Pop
Match-3 | Android/iOS

Level Design: sketched and refined dozens levels on paper, implemented levels in Unity, adjusted tuning


Batman: Shadow Combat
Stealth / 2D Platformer | Web

Level Design: sketched and revised levels on paper, blocked out levels, implemented art, polished/homogenized aesthetic across all levels


Survival Run with Bear Grylls
Infinite Runner | Android/iOS

QA: tested a game update, collaborated with programmers to solve some bugs.


Tom and Jerry: Match N' Catch
Collapse | Web

Game Design: final tuning and balancing

QA: bug testing