Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

Company: Jam City
Platform: Android/iOS

Role: Systems/Economy Designer
Proprietary Engine/Tools, Google Sheets/Docs/Slides, GIMP, Jira, Tableau, Unity (Prototyping)
Pitched, wrote design documentation for, and oversaw the implementation of some of the game's biggest new features including:
First Person Spellcasting

  • A randomized puzzle and exploration mechanic designed to improve engagement and retention
  • Multiple in-game events with narrative tie-ins including a cross-promotional event for Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore
  • Progression system for leveling up the player's "mastery" of various spells for long-term engagement
  • Built on an engine without a physics or collision system, I had to ideate and specc out a technically feasible approach as well as the Content and Art tools required to implement levels that was low-scope for all teams in order to fit within the defined timeline.

My Work:

  • Pitch to team and IP partners
  • Spec for feature, event, and Level Design/Art tools
  • Prototyped multiple versions in Unity
  • CI tested with players
  • Modeled XP progression and rewards
  • Implemented event for tech test

Play Prototype

Fan-Made Gameplay Video

Creature Activities


  • A procedural-narrative, semi-idle mechanic in which players send their owned Magical Creatures on mini-quests
  • Designed to add repeatability to the existing Magical Creature feature which relied heavily on new content releases (new creatures to adopt and care for)
  • Based on randomized sets of criteria, players must select the creature best suited to the given tasks.  How well the creature fits the criteria determines how well it can perform.
  • At intervals throughout the quest, players receive procedurally-generated text updates about the creature's progress
  • At some intervals, players have an opportunity to make choices to improve their creature's performance and earn better rewards

My Work:

  •  Pitch to team and IP partners
  • Feature spec
  • Modeling economy impact of new sources and sinks for various items and types of XP
Fan-Made Gameplay Video

Role: Lead Content Designer
Proprietary Engine/Tools, Maya, Google Sheets/Docs/Slides, Perforce, Jira, Confluence, Javascript, Python

  • Led a team of game designers making levels/content for Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery including delegating tasks, managing their time, and overseeing their growth
  • Directed and reviewed implementation of levels to ensure all content were meeting our high quality standards
  • Acted as level design team’s point of contact for new features, tools, quests, and more
  • Collaborated with writers, artists, animators, engineers, QA, and producers to ensure a cohesive vision and ship story content on a weekly basis
  • Worked with other teams to improve workflow and manage design scope
  • Responsible for onboarding new game designers and improving documentation
  • Planned future content and created mood boards to communicate the vision to other departments
  • Pitched and wrote design documentation for new features, story quests, and tools for designers

Role: Associate Game Designer (Content)
Proprietary Engine/Tools, Maya, Google Sheets, Perforce, Jira, Confluence, Javascript, Python, Lua, Git

  • Designed levels, staged & shot cinematic scenes in Maya and proprietary tools, including some of our biggest content in both narrative impact and scope
  • Scripted gameplay, player interactions, cutscenes, events, and more
  • Programmed new tools to expedite level design process and improve quality of levels and scenes
  • Taught new game designers and wrote documentation to facilitate faster on-boarding for new team members across all departments

Level/Content Design Demo Reel